Meet Our Providers: Jan Buckley-Levenson

At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), we realize that in order to help our patients, we first need to earn their trust. We also realize that trust is built on more than just a list of qualifications—we want our patients to feel comfortable enough to know that we have your best interests at heart. To build the bond between our patients and our highly-skilled providers, each month we’re featuring a different member of our staff to allow patients to get to know us beyond the basics. This month, we’re featuring our Certified Clinical Electrologist and hair removal specialist Jan Buckley-Levenson.

077After earning her Bachelor’s Degree from Troy State University in Alabama, Jan pursued her passion of helping others feel confident in their appearance by graduation from the International Center for the Study of Electrology. Ever striving to further improve her skills, Jan left Alabama and joined DAA in 1992. As a member of the International Guild of Professional Electrologists, the American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS), and the Society for Clinical & Medicinal Hair Removal (SCMHR), Jan specializes in effectively removing unwanted hair through various treatments, including a procedure called electrolysis. During this procedure, electrical currents are sent into each hair follicle in order to prevent the hair from re-growing. Through the years, newer methods and technologies for hair removal have become available as well, and Jan has added numerous qualifications to her experience, including becoming a certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (LHRP) with a license for hair removal in Georgia. After 23 years of experience, Jan’s expertise allows her to determine the best hair removal treatment for each patient’s skin type.

While she takes great pride in her job, Jan also has a number of interests outside of the office. In her free time, Jan especially enjoys boating, and is excited to get back on the water as the weather continues to get warmer.

As an integral part of the DAA team, Jan helps her patients achieve the smooth, hairless skin they’re looking for. Jan and our other providers are dedicated to giving their patients the best care possible, head to toe. To learn about the many ways we can address your skincare concerns, explore our website and schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options.