How Technology Helps with Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins (whether they appear on the legs or on the face) are an extremely common problem, but that doesn’t mean they’re not embarrassing or that they don’t hold patients back from feeling confident in their own skin. The good news is that advances in medical technology have given us a wide variety of treatment options, and at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA)’s Atlanta Center for Veins, we can determine the best way to address each patient’s spider veins. While sclerotherapy (injecting medication into the targeted veins to allow them to be absorbed by the body) is typically the best option for leg veins, below we’re taking a look at how technology can treat facial veins.


non surgical fat removal atlantaUnlike most of the other spider vein treatment options, Veinwave™ does not utilize lasers. Instead, it uses extremely fine needles to deliver targeted heat to the skin above the spider vein (rather than going into the vein itself). This technique, called thermocoagulation, produces immediate results and requires no downtime, allowing patients to go right back to their daily activities after their treatment.

Perfecta™ Laser

As laser technology has improved, laser vein removal treatments have become well-known, but few patients realize that there are several types of lasers that are each best suited to different patients. The Perfecta™ laser is a pulsed dye laser. The beam of light is drawn into the targeted vein because of the vein’s color, and it causes the body to gradually absorb eliminate the unwanted vein. For optimal patient comfort, the Perfecta™ laser also delivers a cooling spray to the skin just before each pulse of the laser. While there may be light swelling and occasional bruising after the procedure, this generally fades by the following day and no downtime is required. Perfecta™ treatments can also be a great way for some patients to multi-task, because the procedure can also address flushing from rosacea and replace the capillaries with new collagen making the skin plumper and less porous.

FotoFacial RF®

FotoFacial RF® treatments are a particularly gentle form of laser vein removal. This laser is non-ablative, meaning that it sends precise energy into the deeper layers of the skin without impacting the surface of the skin. However, this laser must be used with caution for individuals with age spots and other areas of darker pigment causing peeling and downtime. While the gentler nature of FotoFacial RF® means that a series of four to six treatments is usually required for optimal results, patients also get the added bonus of facial rejuvenation, because the procedure also increases collagen and leaves the skin with a more youthful, radiant appearance.


DioLite® is a continuous wave laser which sends the laser energy in a particularly fine beam. The targeted veins are carefully traced with the beam, and when the veins absorb the laser energy, they become damaged and are able to be naturally absorbed and eliminated by the body. While leg veins are generally too deep for pulsed dye lasers to treat effectively, facial veins typically respond well to these treatments. DioLite® can cause mild crusting of the treated skin, so it’s important for patients to discuss what they can expect after their procedure.

Gentle YAG™

With any cosmetic treatment, fine-tuned details are important in ensuring the best possible results for each patient. The Gentle YAG™ laser uses highly customizable settings based on your individual needs in order to address veins as effectively as possible while keeping any discomfort and downtime to a minimum. This laser works best with veins that have a bluish hue and can be helpful for spider veins on the legs, but because it is particularly powerful, there is a risk of blistering, scarring, or changes in skin pigmentation.

Overall, two of the most important factors in getting the best aesthetic results possible are finding the right treatment and finding the right provider. At DAA, we’ve been administering spider vein treatments for over twenty-five years, and we recognize the importance of discussing each patient’s cosmetic goals and medical needs to determine which treatment option is the best fit. Call us to schedule your vein removal consultation today, or join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to stay up-to-date with the latest cosmetic and dermatology news.