Your Beach Body Checklist

YOUR BEACH BODY CHECK LISTIf you’re one of the many Atlantans planning a beach getaway this summer, you’re probably knee-deep in preparations already, from making travel arrangements to researching all the hot spots you want to visit. But there’s one other way many of us prepare for swimsuit season: fine-tuning our physique so we can lounge on the beach in confidence. At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), we’re here to help with cosmetic tweaks for a wide variety of common concerns.

Body Sculpting

One of the most common sources of poolside self-consciousness is unwanted fat, and it’s particularly frustrating when you realize that you can’t control where your body burns fat from, so you can be in excellent physical shape while still having areas of stubborn fat. A variety of cosmetic procedures, on the other hand, can target these specific areas for direct fat reduction. Our SlimLipo™ laser does double duty by making the fat easier to remove during liposuction while also toning and firming the skin around the treatment area for a more youthful silhouette. If you prefer non-surgical methods, CoolSculpting®, BodyFX™, and UltraShape® fat reduction are all non-invasive treatments that use their own unique methods to break down fat cells, producing gradual results.

Hair Removal

Body hair may be natural, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with it, and you also don’t need to spend every morning shaving to maintain your smooth skin. The providers at our dedicated hair removal center have over 20 years of experience and can recommend the ideal option for your skin and hair, whether it’s laser hair removal or electrolysis.

Spider Vein Treatments

Though they’re thought of as a problem our grandmothers have, spider veins can (and often do) affect people of all ages and genders.  Fortunately, modern techniques can get rid of unwanted veins with little or no downtime. At our Atlanta Center for Veins, we offer sclerotherapy (injecting a solution into the targeted vein to allow the body to absorb it), laser spider vein removal, and Veinwave™ (using controlled warmth and ultrafine needles) depending on each patient’s unique needs.

Sweat Reduction

Even when you’re not in a bathing suit, summer can come with plenty of self-consciousness in the form of underarm sweat. But did you know you could be just one appointment away from being able to finally raise your arms in confidence? miraDry® sweat reduction is a procedure which uses microwave technology to target and damage the sweat glands in your underarms, leading to long lasting sweat reduction, and often producing ideal results in just one treatment.

We all have certain features we frown about when we look in the mirror, but your aesthetic treatments should always be tailored to you and your specific needs. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced and licensed provider who can offer you the most advanced technology and the best possible results. To find out how we can help you overcome your cosmetic concerns, schedule a consultation at DAA. Or, for more tips about skincare and cosmetic treatments, follow Dermatology Associates of Atlanta on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.