Specialty Center of the Month: Skin Medics™ Medical Spa

When many patients hear “dermatologist,” they think of a doctor who treats skin problems, like rashes, acne, psoriasis, and skin cancer. But because the skin plays such a powerful role in one’s appearance, at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), cosmetic treatments are also a large part of our practice. In fact, one of our nine unique specialty centers is dedicated to offering many of the most popular and effective aesthetic options available: Skin Medics™ Medical Spa.

Specialty Center of the Month Skin Medics Medical SpaWhat is Skin Medics™ Medical Spa?

It’s important to distinguish between a med spa and a day spa. Most people think of a spa as a place built around relaxation and refreshment, offering services like massages, facials, and mud baths. Day spas like this are focused on the short-term benefits of stress relief. A medical spa, however, is essentially a combination of a spa and a cosmetic dermatology office: its services focus on cosmetic medicine while maintaining a spa-like atmosphere. By using proven medical procedures and skin treatments, licensed aestheticians and other experienced professionals address a variety of aesthetic concerns in order to help your skin look and feel its best. Patients at Skin Medics™ Medical Spa have the added bonus of knowing their medical spa is operated by board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants who are specialized experts in skincare, so we can offer the highest quality and experience in both our treatments themselves and the results they achieve.

What treatments are offered at Skin Medics™ Medical Spa?

Our medical spa treatments address a wide array of aesthetic concerns for both the face and the body, and they include:

  • Microdermabrasion – manually exfoliating away the damaged surface skin and dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin.
  • Chemical peels – exfoliating the skin using a customized chemical solution to penetrate the skin to a specific depth, causing the aged or damaged surface skin to slough away. We offer a variety of unique peels to focus on acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation (including age spots), and more.
  • CoolSculpting® – non-surgical fat reduction which applies controlled cooling to the “problem area,” such as the abdomen, flanks, chest, thighs, back, or “double chin.” As one of the only facilities to offer three CoolSculpting® machines with TriCool™, Skin Medics™ can offer faster treatment times and easier scheduling.
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting – using specialized dyes to give long-lasting, consistent color to the eyebrows or lashes in order to better complement your facial features.
  • Dermaplaning – manually exfoliating the skin using a technique much like shaving. This painlessly removes dead skin cells and debris, as well as vellus hairs (the fine hairs we all have on our faces, also known as “peach fuzz”) for softer, smoother skin.
  • Réjuvapen® micro needling (with optional natural growth factors) – using ultrafine needles to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, ultimately making the skin firmer and minimizing scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and even stretch marks. For maximum results, your own natural growth factors can be used alongside Réjuvapen® to stimulate collagen production and enhance the healing process.

Both general dermatology and cosmetic treatments can bring value to patients of all ages, from treating a serious illness to simply putting a smile on their face when they look in the mirror. Whatever your concern may be, our skilled dermatologists, physician assistants, and licensed aestheticians are happy to help. To discuss whether our treatments at Skin Medics™ Medical Spa (or any of our eight other specialty centers) are right for you, schedule a skin care consultation. Or, to hear about all our latest specials, events, and news, follow DAA on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.