Study Shows Botox® can Provide Relief for Chronic Pain Sufferers

While Botox® is more commonly known as a wrinkle remover, scientists and physicians are figuring out more and more new ways to effectively utilize this injectable. Most recently, a study was introduced that links Botox® treatments with relief from chronic pain. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the study presented at their 2009 Plastic Surgery Conference involved eight chronic pain suffers, who all received one injection a month for nine months. The results showed a 31 percent improvement in daily pain control, with results lasting up to 17 months.

While scientists will have to do more research on the effects of Botox® on those with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in order to gain FDA approval for this use, the potential for chronic pain relief through injections is promising. Similar studies also link Botox® to relief from chronic migraines.

Other FDA approved uses of Botox® beyond the traditional wrinkle removal include injections in the armpits for excessive sweating, bladder spasms, and relief from neck, back, and eye muscle spasms. With more that 5 million injections of Botox® performed last year alone, wrinkle removal is still the number one usage of this injectable. In the future, Dysport®, the cosmetic injectable competitor to Botox®, may also be FDA approved for these uses – but because it is new to the market, more testing will need to be done.

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