Your Liposuction Questions Answered

Q.) Is liposuction a good choice for people who want to lose weight?

A.) Liposuction procedures were developed for body contouring rather than a weight loss method. Good candidates for liposuction procedures are those who exercise regularly, but have stubborn areas of fat that will not respond to diet or exercise. The risks associated with this procedure increase as the amount of fluid and fat to be removed increases. Therefore, liposuction procedures are not recommended for people trying to lose weight.

Q.) Are there any side effects associated with liposuction?
A.) The most common side effects are bruising and swelling, but these side effects are limited with proper post-op care. Elastic compression garments should be worn for six weeks after surgery to minimize side effects.

Q.) What is laser liposuction, and how does it work?
A.) Laser liposuction is a fat reduction method that uses a laser to loosen the undesired fat cells in the treatment area for easier removal. It is occasionally used in conjunction with our tumescent liposuction procedures to provide patients with the best results possible.

Q.) Will multiple liposuction procedures be necessary to achieve desired results?
A.) Patients receiving surgical liposuction (including laser liposuction) should see a visible improvement in just one treatment and should not need additional treatments with proper post-op care.

Q.) Are multiple treatments with Zeltiq™ and Zerona® necessary to achieve desired liposuction results?
A.) While improvements are evident after one treatment with non-surgical liposuction, such as Zerona® and Zeltiq™, multiple treatments (6 for Zerona® and 2 for Zeltiq™) will be necessary for optimal results.

Q.) Will the fat removed during a liposuction procedure return?
A.) Fat cells develop during or shortly after puberty, so liposuction (both surgical and non-surgical) produces long lasting results. Liposuction patients can potentially increase the size of their remaining fat cells by gaining weight; therefore, healthy diet and exercise should not be neglected even after liposuction.