Male Seeking Body Hair Removal? We Have a Specialty Center For That!

According to a recent New York Times article detailing the ever-evolving trends in male health and beauty, a majority of men (61%) aged 18-29 report utilizing some form of body hair removal to clear certain regions below the neck.The same article also reports that the most common areas for body hair removal in males include:the groin, chest, armpits, and back.

Even though the razor manufacturing industry remains strong (grossing over $10 million per year), many males complain that body hair removal is inconvenient and time consuming when removed with a razor.Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, dedicated to complete dermatological care, offers a complete menu of laser hair removal services through The Laser Institute of Georgia, DAA’s laser specialty center.Most qualified laser hair removal patients see noticeable results after a series of three to six treatments.

Laser hair removal is a procedure most effective for individuals with darker, coarser hair.For fair patients, DAA’s Laser Institute of Georgia also offers electrolysis.To learn more about the hair removal services offered at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta or to schedule a consultation, visit their website.