FDA Considers Stricter Tanning Bed Regulations

Everyone has heard by now that tanning is bad. The harm from the UV rays in tanning beds can be cancer causing, even in moderation.  That is why the FDA is publicly considering stricter regulations on indoor tanning salons.
As we have discussed in previous blogs, the World Health Organization has officially deemed tanning beds as a “definite” cause of cancer – upgrading them from their previous classification as a “probable” cause of cancer.
This has prompted the FDA to consider a requirement for more visible warning labels on tanning beds, to make user better aware of the risk they are taking. The FDA is also considering following suit with the World Health Organization and putting tanning beds into a more sever classification to establish them as a carcinogen.
Proponents of the tanning bed industry already have enough on their plate – actively lobbying against legislation to put taxes on tanning salons to help pay for the healthcare reform bill. Spokespeople for the tanning industry claim that it is only harmful for people who “overdo it.”
But as any qualified dermatologist would tell you, prolonged exposure to UV rays (like the tanning bed) causes cancer, no matter how “careful” you are about it. Last year alone, there were 69,000 cases of melanoma, the most severe type of skin cancer, and resulted in 8,650 deaths.
We at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta urge you to be proactive about your skin protection.  Make sure you are practicing safe sun habits and come in regularly for mole checks by a board certified dermatologist. We guarantee it will help you in the long run!