The Facts about our Three InMode Aesthetic Treatments in One

At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), we put a great deal of thought, time, and research into selecting the treatments we offer to our patients. While all of our experienced and board-certified providers are highly skilled in their areas of expertise, part of a patient’s results do depend on the quality of the equipment or products being used, so our ongoing goal is to offer patients the most advanced and safest technology available in order to achieve the best possible results. We’re thrilled to announce a set of treatments we’ve recently added to our repertoire: InMode, a comprehensive system which consists of three available procedures – BodyFX™ for body contouring and cellulite reduction, Fractora™ for wrinkle minimization, and Lumecca™ for photo rejuvenation.

The Facts about our Three InMode Aesthetic Treatments in OneBodyFX™ Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

What BodyFX™ Treats: cellulite, excess fat, and lax skin throughout most areas of the body

How BodyFX™ Works: uses radio frequency (RF) energy, vacuum pressure, and controlled warmth to heat and contract tissue in the treated area, ultimately killing fat cells, smoothing cellulite and dimpled skin, and restoring skin firmness

Who Can Use BodyFX™: patients who are not looking for weight loss but for contouring specific “problem areas” in the body

Fractora™ Facial Rejuvenation

What Fractora™ Treats: fine lines and wrinkles, acne, facial scarring or acne scars, and complexion irregularities

How Fractora™ Works: customizable arrangements and depths of micro-pins deliver RF energy to restore collagen production and produce smoother, firmer skin for nearly any area of the face or body

Who Can Use Fractora™: patients of all skin types (including those who may not be candidates for fractionated laser resurfacing) who can benefit from rejuvenation with little or no downtime

Lumecca™ Photo Rejuvenation

What Lumecca™ Treats: age spots, sun damage, spider veins, port wine stains or other vascular lesions, facial redness or rosacea, and freckles

How Lumecca™ Works: pulses of light are used to deliver controlled warmth and light therapy to the deeper layers of skin without breaking the surface skin

Who Can Use Lumecca™: patients who can benefit from a clearer complexion with little or no downtime, and who want improvement on nearly any area of the body

Though they are all extensions of the same system, BodyFX™, Fractora™, and Lumecca™ are each separate and unique treatments which cater to specific types of patients and conditions. To find out whether one of these or another procedure may be able to offer you healthier and more radiant skin, schedule a consultation with us. Or, for more information about the latest dermatology advancements, skincare tips, and special offers, follow DAA on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.