Introducing the Eczema Center at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

All of us have good days and bad days with our skin. One day your face may break out with acne, the next day you may have itchy dryness, and the next day your skin may have a beautiful glow. But for people with certain skin conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis, allergies, and rosacea, this inconsistency is far more intense because certain triggers can severely aggravate their symptoms. To cater to these types of conditions and offer comprehensive care for sensitive skin, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA) is proud to announce our new Eczema Center.

Introducing the Eczema Center at Dermatology Associates of AtlantaFor patients with the skin conditions above, one of the first steps toward healthier skin is finding out what triggers you should be on the lookout for. DAA’s Eczema Center offers a variety of specialized techniques in order to determine each patient’s specific triggers. While a traditional allergy test uses needle pricks, we primarily use a method called patch testing: a needle-free way to evaluate your skin’s reaction to various substances and chemicals. As opposed to commercially-available patch tests which use just 35 substances, our routine patch testing alone uses 80 common irritants and allergens to identify which ones are causing your breakouts. In addition to this expanded testing, we can also use a patient’s own skin care products (or other substances that their skin regularly comes into contact with) to evaluate exactly what is making them break out, and we offer other modes of testing when necessary as well.

Once your unique triggers have been identified, our board-certified dermatologists, physician assistants, and other experienced medical professionals will also use this enhanced understanding of your skin to make personalized recommendations about your skin care. We will be able to offer you precise advice about how to care for your skin on a day-to-day basis, and about what types of products to use and to avoid. For some patients, we can also recommend professional treatments and offer customized topical medications and even prescription compounds tailored to your skin’s unique needs.

Rashes and skin irritation can put a damper on any day, not to mention a special occasion. Fortunately, by first identifying your unique irritants and then catering treatments to your skin, we can provide every patient with the individualized and effective care they need, from head to toe. To get started with an appointment at DAA’s Eczema Center, give us a call at 404-256-4457. Or, for more skin care tips, special offers, and the latest news from our office, follow Dermatology Associates of Atlanta on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.