Leave Fat in 2012 with DualCool at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

The winter season is upon us, with warm sweaters and holiday festivities we temporarily forget that spring break is just around the corner. The providers of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta want you to look and feel confident when it’s time to put the coats and pants back in the closet.  With CoolSculpting® technology, patients can eliminate pockets of stubborn, unwanted fat around their abdomen flanks, and back.coolsculpting atlanta ga

This non-invasive fat reduction treatment uses a process called cryolipolysis to target fat cells with cold temperatures. The cold, applied externally through a specialized hand piece, damages the fat cells without causing harm to the surrounding skin. Patients enjoy the fat reduction benefits of this FDA-cleared technology as it does not use knives or needles and they can return to their daily activities immediately.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta was the first to offer CoolSculpting® in GA and now is the only practice to offer DualCool: two CoolSculpting® machines in the same office allowing two areas to be treated at the same time for patient convenience. DAA has performed more CoolSculpting® procedures than any other practice in Georgia.  DualCool allows patients to target multiple areas at one time, expediting treatment time. Results will begin to show three weeks after treatment as the fat cells are eliminated gradually through the lymphatic system. Full results are expected within four to six months.  As results are not immediate, now is a great time to try this non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Patients will see noticeable results after one treatment, but many have an additional treatment for optimal results.

Be sure to look for special savings on CoolSculpting® at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta in the January issue Best Self magazine. For more information about CoolSculpting® and to make an appointment please contact us today. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest skincare tips and information.