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Staying on top of cosmetic trends is a priority at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. Fat-busting treatments, wrinkle-erasing lasers, and innovative anti-aging methods are buzzing in the cosmetic industry. These treatments as well as our state-of-the-art technology, including facial skin tightening and sweat elimination to name a few, are crafted to deliver optimal results while lessening downtime. Learn more about some of our most popular non-surgical procedures and more below!

cosmetic skin care atlantaCoolSculpting®: Using a fat-freezing process called cryolipolysis, this non-surgical fat reduction technology applies targeted cold to small areas of unwanted fat. CoolSculpting® is the answer to your question of how to get rid of small pockets of unwanted fat without invasive surgery or recovery time. Safe and effective, CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat problem areas on the flanks and abdomen.

Fraxel®, DOT, and Smoothbeam™ Laser Treatments: The powerful effects of harsh environmental factors—wrinkles, sun damage, unhealthy-looking skin–become more noticeable as we age. By utilizing laser treatments for the face, hands, and neck, we can reduce those signs of aging for a rejuvenated appearance. Each laser serves a different purpose, varying in strengths and effects.

Ultherapy®:  Lift, tighten and tone aging areas of the face that need a bit of TLC. Low levels of targeted ultrasound energy are focused to heat a predetermined depth of tissue under the skin. The heat energy utilized by Ultherapy® helps to tone and tighten lax skin while encouraging the production of collagen.

MiraDry®: Electromagnetic energy is precisely delivered by microwave technology to selectively destroy sweat glands. The miraDry® technology system is armed with a cooling system to inhibit the skin’s exterior from burning and minimize discomfort. After one to three treatments, you won’t experience embarrassing sweat stains or unpleasant odor again.

Growth factors encourage rapid healing allowing minimal downtime after treatment.

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