Dermatology Associates of Atlanta Now Carries Société Skincare Products

The providers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta and our Skin Medics™ Medical Spa are excited about société®, the newest addition to our skincare product lines. Promoting overall environmental health along with individual health, société’s products focus on choosing the best possible products and ingredients for both you and Mother Earth.

For example, société products are free from parabens (a type of preservative), which have been detected in breast tumors in certain studies and could cause trouble for animals when found in run-off water supplies. Similarly, the products do not use propylene glycol or sodium laurel sulfate, which have both been found to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Société products are unique with their five types of ingredients: antioxidants, acids, proteins, plant sources, and vitamins. Each product lists the number and type of each ingredient used. In the Pure Everyday Cleanser, there are three types of acids, four antioxidant ingredients, and nine plant sources. These include tangerine, orange peel, African pepper seed, and vitamins B-5 and E to stimulate collagen.

The ingredients used to formulate société’s products have been carefully crafted to create solutions that will match your skincare needs based on your skin type and skin conditions. With skin health products ranging from every day cleansers to sunscreens, société products can meet the needs of very type of skin with its anti-aging complexes, blemish clarifying cleansers, skin brightening serums, and more.

Make sure to contact us to schedule you consultation with one of our Skin Medics™ Medical Spa skincare providers to determine which société products will best suit your needs.