Which Hair Removal Treatment is Right for You?

smiling-female-in-yoga-positionWith temperatures expected to rise in the next couple of months, it’s safe to say that shorts and swimsuit season is right around the corner. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of unwanted hair, now is the best time for hair removal treatment. Since patients typically need multiple hair removal treatment sessions, starting now will help you to prepare your skin for the summer months. At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, we offer multiple hair removal treatment options, so you can find the best treatment for your individual skincare needs. Our experienced hair removal specialists have decades of experience and have broken down the different types of hair removal services that we offer.

Laser Hair Removal

When you think of long-term hair removal, chances are laser hair removal is the first treatment that comes to mind. This popular treatment can effectively remove unwanted facial and body hair on the back, legs, underarms, face, bikini line and more.

Laser hair removal uses advanced technology to send a heat energy beam directly to targeted hair, without disturbing the surrounding skin. The light from the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair, so the energy pulls into the hair and travels down to the follicle. Given the way laser hair removal works, great candidates for this treatment are those who have dark hair. To help accommodate our patients’ needs, we offer two lasers: one for lighter skin tones with dark hair and one for darker skin tones with dark hair.


Another popular hair removal option is electrolysis. This treatment prevents the hair follicle from producing hair by placing a probe onto each follicle. Then electrical currents are sent through the probe and into the hair follicle. Electrolysis can be performed on all hair types and works especially well for those with light, fine hairs that tend to not respond well to other hair removal treatments.


This hair removal option uses intense pulsed light to treat hair follicles. Just like laser hair removal, EpiLight targets the hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. Because this treatment is attracted to dark pigments, it is most effective for those with darker hair and lighter skin.

Finding the right hair removal treatment for your skin can be difficult, but our experienced hair removal experts are here to help. To learn more about hair removal and what treatment might work best for you, contact Dermatology Associates of Atlanta today.

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