Addressing the Safety Concerns About Eyelash Extensions

It’s widely agreed upon that eyelashes provide an added layer of beauty to a person’s appearance. Long and full lashes are a highly desired trait, which leads some people to try out eyelash extensions. Although this sentiment is understandable, there are potential safety issues that should be considered. Our experienced providers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta want to clearly express their safety concerns about eyelash extensions and what patients can do if they want to enhance their eyelashes without as big of the risk.

dermatology, eyelash extensions, skincare tips, skin safety, eyelash liceThe issues with using eyelash extensions

One of the biggest problems with eyelash extensions is regulation. It’s tough to determine if the manufacturer of a brand is reputable, and it can be dangerous to blindly trust the quality of products that are sold at stores or online retailers. Not all eyelash extension companies are transparent with the materials that they use, which can create complications for the user if they have certain skin allergies or sensitivities.

In some cases, the glue that holds eyelash extensions onto the eyelids can cause an allergic reaction. It can even cause temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes. Additionally, people who are wearing them must be careful to switch out their lashes to maintain proper hygiene. There have been recent horror stories in the news that describe cases of people who have developed eyelash lice from unhygienic eyelash extensions, so sanitation is not a light matter. This is why it’s important to consult with a board-certified dermatologist before putting unfamiliar substances on your skin, nails or hair.

How to safely enhance your eyelashes

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta offers a safe method for achieving full and attractively shaped eyelashes, without the same potential risks that eyelash extensions have. Our dermatology providers recommend Latisse®, the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for eyelash enhancement. This daily treatment lasts for a 16-week time-period, allowing lashes to grow thicker, fuller, darker, and longer.

At our Skin Medics™ Medical Spa and other in-house dermatology centers, we offer Latisse® so patients can increase the length of their lashes and produce more hair that improves volume and shape. Even though this at-home full treatment takes 16 weeks, results can often be noticeable in about 8 weeks. Latisse® is not just for women—men can also benefit from the cosmetic improvements that occur after treatment.

To be sure that Latisse® is the right option for your needs, a in-person consultation is required for a prescription. This will give one of our dermatology providers the opportunity to evaluate your features and decide if you can benefit from eyelash treatment. If you’d like to schedule a consultation or ask any questions, call Dermatology Associates of Atlanta at (404) 256-4457. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more skincare information and updates on our monthly cosmetic specials!