Hair Loss Conditions

Hair loss conditions can leave you self-conscious, confused, and frustrated. Hair loss can be induced in a variety of ways—some are stress-related, hormonally-induced, psychologically-related, or related to autoimmune diseases or medications. In this article, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta puts together a list of hair loss conditions you may have experienced and how to remedy them. The conditions that we will be discussing today are telogen effluvium, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata.

hair conditions photo DAATelogen Effluvium

Also known as “Shock Loss,” this common hair loss condition occurs when stress pushes hair follicles into the “resting” phase. This follicle phase can last for prolonged periods of time, causing hair to fall out more easily when washing, brushing, combing, or touching it. This condition can also be caused by hormonal changes, stress, and other factors. Red laser treatments, oral and topical medications, and injections are just a few of the treatment options available at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta that may improve this condition.


Have you ever found yourself so stressed out that you were literally pulling out your own hair? You may have experienced Trichotillomania. This hair loss condition is psychological in nature. Trichotillomania is the compulsive pulling out of hair. This action is usually a means of relieving stress and anxiety and is most common amongst teen girls. The compulsive condition may be improved with the help of a mental health professional.

Alopecia Areata

This autoimmune disorder can occur when your immune system begins attacking your hair follicles. Although there is no cure for this disorder, some patients may see improvement of their symptoms from injections, light therapy, oral or topical medications, or a combination of these treatments. However, each case is unique and should be assessed by a professional health provider.

How to Remedy Hair Loss

Due to the nature of these hair loss conditions, professional help is the only sure way to fix them. If you are having trouble with one of these conditions, please learn what resources are available to you in order to construct a hair restoration plan. Here at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, we are experienced in both male and female hair restoration. We have a variety of hair loss treatments and medications that may also help to stimulate hair growth—including natural growth factor injections, red light therapy, topical and oral medications, and our new HydraFacial® Keravive scalp treatment.

If you would like to learn more about restorative hair procedures that may replace some of the hair you’ve lost during a stressful time, feel free to give us a call at (404) 256-4457.