How to Avoid Skin Irritation from Your Halloween Costume

dermatologists in atlantaDressing up as your favorite character for Halloween can be one of the biggest thrills of the holiday season. However, between the hair products, makeup and abrasive fabrics, your night of celebration can take a toll on your skin. Our providers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta are offering useful tips on how to avoid common skin irritants, so you can enjoy your spooky night without discomfort or irritation. 

  • Complete a skin test for any makeup or body paint before applying it to your face or any major area of the body. Place a small quantity of the substance on your forearm or the back of your hand for 15-30 minutes to see how your skin reacts. If you notice skin irritation from a product, you’ll need to switch brands before applying it to your face or any other area of your body. Preferably, continue to monitor the test area for 4 more days for the development of a rash.
  • Make sure to thoroughly rinse any of your fake blood, paint, or makeup off before going to sleep. Spending extended time using Halloween cosmetic products increases the likelihood of skin inflammation or irritation. This is especially important to follow for the areas around your eyes.
  • If you have latex, dye, or other allergies to specific materials, check the costume or makeup ingredients beforehand.
  • Although the eyes aren’t necessarily a dermatological concern, we still feel that it’s important to emphasize proper safety guidelines when using any potentially harmful cosmetic materials on Halloween. The American Academy of Ophthalmology discourages the use of nonprescription contacts for a costume because they have not been approved for safety by credible organizations. Wearing contacts without receiving input from a medical professional is dangerous and can lead to serious risks. You should also be careful with hair dye, glitter, face paint, makeup, fake blood, etc., unintentionally making contact with your eyes.
  • Since Halloween costumes often involve many color additive ingredients, it’s important to review the safety guidelines created by the FDA. You can find an exhaustive list of details about cosmetic ingredients on their website, so you can ensure that your skin is safe while you’re dressing up.

If you have any questions about maintaining great skin health this Halloween or to schedule an appointment at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, call our office at (404) 256-4457 today. All our providers wish you a happy and safe holiday this October. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest information on dermatology treatments and updates on our monthly cosmetic specials and events.