Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Restoration

Hair restoration surgery may be a minimally invasive surgery, but it’s certainly a procedure you should take seriously. Getting informed about the ins and outs of the surgery can help you as a patient to be more prepared and have a smoother recovery with better results. With that goal in mind, our skilled providers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta and our specialty centers The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research and The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss are here to help.

For professional tips about how to prepare and what to expect from your hair restoration surgery, check out the video below by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ashley Curtis.

For patients with hair loss, there are so many options available today. On top of at-home measures like topical medication, nonsurgical treatments can offer great results, from customized prescription topical medications and natural growth factors to red light therapy and more. But for patients who want significant hair regrowth, nothing can match the capabilities of hair restoration surgery.

Ultimately, the first step is a thorough and accurate diagnosis of the type of hair loss you have and the cause(s) behind it. To get started on the road toward fuller, healthier hair, schedule a hair restoration consultation with either of our two specialty centers.