For Revitalizing Results, Vitalize® Peel Away Your Problems!

Stress, environmental factors, and age: each day, your skin comes in contact with influences that are proven to have adverse effects. With so many opposing forces trying to make your beautiful skin not-so-beautiful, we sometimes have to take action in order to maintain glowing skin. Fortunately, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s Skin Medics Medical Spa offers the latest facial rejuvenation techniques and work together to meet your every skin care need. One of the most effective non-invasive methods to sustaining youthful skin is the chemical peel.

chemical peels atlanta gaPeels are a very effective way of revealing renewed skin that often hides just beneath the surface layers. Ingredients vary in strength and can be adjusted to address your specific requirements and esthetician recommendations. Skin Medics™ Medical Spa offers peels with natural ingredients for general brightening and more concentrated chemical combinations for a deeper peel. One of our more concentrated peels is the 30 minute Vitalize Peel® by Skin Medica®, from which can you  can see dramatic improvement in epidermal tone and texture resulting in a healthy luminosity with little or no downtime.

By employing a formula of peeling agents including alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, resorcinol and retinoic acid, the Vitalize Peel minimizes acne scars, fine lines, and melanin spots that occur as the result of aging and elemental exposure. During treatment, you will feel a warm and tingling sensation on the skin’s surface. However, no pre-medication or topical anesthetics are required. While the number of treatments required for optimal results vary by patient (usually between 3-6), many report positive changes in a single treatment.

When you have a chemical peel, remember to adjust your skin care routine accordingly. For example, if you typically use retinol products, we recommend ceasing usage for up to one week prior and one week after your peel to avoid irritation. Use only gentle cleansers and emollient moisturizers until your skin has completely peeled and healed.

Chemical peels are best complemented with microdermabrasion, retinol and anti-aging laser treatments. In addition to the Vitalize Peel®, we offer other peels of similar strength including the Rejuvenize Peel™ and high variations of TCA peels. We also offer less dramatic peels for more sensitive skin or less drastic requirements.

Be sure to reserve your spot at our special Peel Day event on February 27th, 2014 by calling (404)969-2943 for peel specials! For more information on our selection of chemical peels, please contact our office today to set up an appointment. Be sure to connect with us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+ for the latest recommendations on your cosmetic concerns.