Habits That Are Detrimental to Hair Growth

As people age, keeping a full and youthful head of hair can be a real challenge. Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women in vast numbers. People who experience hair loss can unknowingly exacerbate the issue by continuing habits that may worsen the problem.

More Hair, No Surgery Your Hair Restoration OptionsA significant percentage of individuals who lose their hair have a genetic predisposition. Others may experience hair loss due to varied environmental factors. Regardless of the reason behind your hair loss, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta believes that it’s beneficial to understand which habits to avoid so you can achieve healthy hair that produces self-confidence.

Excessive Itching and Scratching

Due to a multitude of factors, scalp itchiness can be a persistent and pesky condition. Each time that you vigorously rub your scalp, you risk damaging hair follicles and tearing previously healthy strands. The trouble with this type of habit is that it’s often unconsciously performed. Therefore, if you have noticed hair loss and also have a tendency to scratch your scalp frequently, then it’s crucial that you actively avoid aggressive and repetitive contact. To address the root of the problem, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta can accurately identify and treat the source of your itchy scalp, which can also assist in future hair loss prevention.

Too Much Heat on Hair

Few self-care activities are as relaxing as a hot shower. However, studies have unfortunately shown that prolonged exposure to heat can cause hair damage and breakage. This includes hair appliances such as: hair curlers, blow dryers, flat irons, etc. These tools can weaken your hair—causing it to become brittle and sparse. If you have been experiencing recent hair loss and use grooming methods that involve a high concentration of heat, it is recommended that you find a different cosmetic method that uses less heat.                    

Prolonged Stress & Medications

It has been shown that prolonged stress can cause the body to shed hair at a faster-than-normal rate. If you have been losing excessive amounts of hair throughout the day, you may need to take a personal inventory of your daily stresses to make sure that your mental state isn’t contributing to the problem. This type of hair loss is temporary, so growth is typically restored once stressors have subsided.

Some patients lose hair because of prescribed medication that is treating a different health condition. If hair loss is listed in the side effects, you may benefit from communicating this issue with your physician so they can potentially make the necessary adjustment.

These are just a few of the factors that could be inhibiting hair growth. Our practice has been treating and diagnosing hair loss for over 40 years in the Atlanta area. If you would like to discuss your hair restoration options beyond avoiding bad habits, contact Dermatology Associates of Atlanta at (404) 256-4457 today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to receive more information on skincare from head to toe and updates about our monthly cosmetic treatment specials.