Dermatology Associates of Atlanta Discuss MiraDry on Atlanta & Company

Dr. Ashley Curtis and Mara Grosswald, PA-C of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta were featured on the daytime show “Atlanta & Company” last week to discuss miraDry® for sweating. This non-invasive technology can reduce underarm sweat by eliminating sweat glands. Previously, underarm sweat reduction treatments included Botox® injections and topical products, which only provide temporary results, or invasive surgical procedures for lasting results.

On the featured segment, Dr. Curtis and Mara explained how the miraDry® procedure works by selectively destroying sweat glands to provide long lasting results. Mara assured viewers that it’s physically safe to remove underarm sweat glands as they only account for 2 percent of your total sweat glands. As the first providers in Georgia to offer the miraDry® system, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta has treated many patients who have seen life-changing results.

You can watch the entire segment below. For more information about the miraDry® procedure, call our office today. Be sure to connect with DAA on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for upcoming skincare events and specials.