Frequently Asked Questions about miraDry® Sweat Reduction

Now that we’re fully engulfed in another hot Atlanta summer, sweating is a problem we all share. But for many people, excessive sweat is a year-round problem that’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or you simply don’t want to worry about sweat in your underarms anymore, there’s an option available: miraDry® sweat reduction. If you’re curious, these common questions and answers can help give you a better understanding of the procedure and whether you’re a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions about miraDry® Sweat Reduction

How does miraDry® sweat reduction work?

MiraDry® is a unique procedure. Without any incisions, an applicator sends precise energy into the skin of the underarms. This energy deactivates and removes sweat glands while leaving the skin unharmed. These sweat glands do not grow back, so the results are lifelong.

Am I a candidate for miraDry® sweat reduction?

MiraDry® is safe and effective for patients of all skin types, nearly everyone can benefit from the treatment. To make sure, however, it’s important to schedule a sweat reduction consultation with our experienced providers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta.

Does miraDry® sweat reduction hurt?

Before your actual treatment begins, our providers will administer numbing injections. The miraDry® system also uses a topical cooling technology to keep your surface skin cool during the treatment. For this reason, patients have little or no discomfort during a miraDry® treatment.

What are the side effects of miraDry®?

After your appointment, you may have some soreness, swelling, tingling, and/or numbness in your underarms. However, this is temporary and typically goes away within a few days. There’s also a positive side effect – miraDry® may also reduce unwanted hair from the underarms, giving you smoother skin to boot.

Is miraDry® sweat reduction actually safe?

While each patient has his/her own experience, miraDry® has an exceptional safety record and is FDA-cleared as both safe and effective for sweat reduction.

When will I see my sweat reduction results?

Because of the way miraDry® works, you’ll see your results right away. For most patients, just one session will provide the results they want. However, each patient’s body responds different so a second session is sometimes needed.

How do I know if I should choose Botox® injections or miraDry® for sweat reduction?

Botox® injections in the underarms are also commonly used to reduce underarm sweat. While Botox® injections cost less per session, the results are temporary, generally lasting up to 6 months while miraDry® offers lifelong results. Each method has its pros and cons, so at your consultation with one of our experienced providers, you can discuss your goals and find out which choice may be best for you.

Excessive sweat can put a serious damper on your self-esteem and your freedom to wear and do what you want. If this has become an issue for you, or if you want to stop needing the chemicals of antiperspirant and deodorant, schedule an appointment with us to discuss miraDry®. Plus, for more helpful tips and information about all the latest cosmetic treatments, follow Dermatology Associates of Atlanta on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.