How Psoriasis Patients Can Thrive This Summer

Summer gives an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, take a vacation or just spend quality time with friends. For people who have psoriasis, this season might hold a different meaning. Understandably, it can be stressful to conceal outbreaks with clothing and the warm weather can worsen numerous symptoms. To ensure that patients with psoriasis thrive this summer, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta  wants to minimize worries about their skin condition by providing viable solutions to manage flare-ups.

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Protecting against sun overexposure

Everyone’s triggers are different, but spending extended periods of time in the sun can irritate skin and cause potential psoriasis outbreaks. If you’re planning on spending more than a few minutes outside this summer, make sure you’re wearing broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen, sunglasses, and clothing that blocks sunlight like a wide brimmed hat or long-sleeved shirt.  

Although a little bit of controlled sunlight can be beneficial for vitamin D reserves, it’s easy to overdo exposure. In moderation, UV rays can sometimes help psoriasis. Everyone’s triggers are different but spending extended periods of time in the sun to the point of sun burning can cause psoriasis outbreaks. Make sure to consult with an experienced dermatologist at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta about the amount of exposure you should receive based on your specific case.

Minimizing stress and anxiety  

Stress doesn’t just take a toll on your mental health. There has been a proven connection between periods of intense stress and inflammation of the body. The tricky part about this relationship is that having psoriasis can create stress, which then worsens the psoriasis. So, finding time to relax this summer is a key component of managing flare-ups. Whether it’s leaving town for a vacation or intentionally cancelling all plans, each person has their own method for minimizing stress.

Psoriasis treatment at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

Psoriasis is such a prevalent skin condition that we have an entire center devoted to the best proper diagnosis and treatment at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. Our providers have decades of experience with identifying the specific type of psoriasis that each patient has and then developing a personalized method of managing symptoms. There are several types of psoriasis, so receiving an accurate diagnosis from a board-certified dermatology provider is crucial to finding relief from the associated, irritated rashes, patches of scaled skin, itching, joint swelling, pain and other related symptoms. Psoriasis can occur in the following forms:

  • Plaque psoriasis (most common)
  • Inverse psoriasis (typically found in skin folds)
  • Guttate psoriasis
  • Pustular psoriasis

Even though there is no full cure for psoriasis, many of the flare-ups can be managed through lifestyle adjustments and either topical treatments, phototherapy, or systemic medications. If you have any questions, call our office at (404) 256-4457. Don’t forget to follow Dermatology Associates of Atlanta on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for information about how to maintain the best possible skin health and updates on our monthly cosmetic specials.