Dysport Love it or Leave it Challenge Available at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

If you have been considering a wrinkle removing injectable, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta wants to let you know of an exciting rebate special by the makers of Dysport®. Called the “Love it or Leave it” Challenge, patients can receive a total of $150 in savings on two treatments of Dysport®.

On the first injection (300 units) – patients receive a $75 rebate. If they “love it” they can receive an additional $75 rebate on a second injection. If they decide to “leave it” they can choose to receive another injection with competition product, Botox®. 

Wrinkle removing injectables, like Dysport® and Botox® are made from the toxin botulinum, and work to relax muscles in the face. This relaxation of muscles smoothes out and reduces furrows and wrinkles and can also prevent future wrinkles from forming.

So far, over 90 percent of all patients who completed the challenge decided that they “loved it.” If you are interested in trying it and seeing if you will love the product too, contact Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. The rebate is only valid if you receive your first injection by September 30, 2010 – so make your appointment accordingly. More information about the rebate can be found at DysportUSA.com.