Specialty Center of the Month: The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research

Dermatology isn’t just about acne, skin cancer, and mysterious rashes. At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), we’ve found that many of our patients don’t realize the true spectrum of medical and cosmetic care our office provides. So, to help you take advantage of all we have to offer, we have an ongoing blog series in which, each month, we introduce you to one of our nine unique specialty centers, each with their own areas of expertise. This month, the spotlight is on one of our most popular and experienced centers: The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research.

hair loss treatment atlantaWhat is The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research?

As the first specialty center to become a part of DAA, The Griffin Center focuses on both determining the cause of a patient’s hair loss (whether it be genetics, hormonal changes, certain medications, an underlying health condition, or even common hairstyles) and tailoring treatments to meet their exact needs. Though we also have a specialty center dedicated to female hair loss patients called The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss, Dr. Edmond Griffin and Dr. Ashley Curtis at The Griffin Center welcome men, women, and children who think they may be a candidate for hair restoration.

What treatments are offered at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research?

One of the most common procedures performed at The Griffin Center is hair transplant surgery, in which healthy hair follicles are taken from one area of the scalp and transplanted to the area where follicles have stopped producing hair. This is the most effective way to restore hair fullness. However, unless it’s caused by an injury, birth defect, or traction alopecia, most cases of hair loss are progressive, meaning that hair will continue to thin even after surgery, so our experienced and specialized physicians will also help each patient take measures toward preventing or reducing future hair loss.

For patients who do not feel comfortable with hair transplant surgery, there are non-surgical options as well which can help to maintain the remaining hair and, in some cases, regrow hair that has been lost. These hair restoration options can include red light laser therapy, oral medications and nutritional supplements, natural growth factors, Advanced Adipose-Derived Protein Extract (AAPE), AQ Serum microneedling, and custom blended prescription topical medications.

Hair loss is highly common for both men and women, but that doesn’t mean you should seek advice about it from just anyone. Your hair restoration may require an entirely different approach than your friend or relative has taken, so the only way to achieve the best possible result is to start by consulting with an experienced and qualified board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Griffin and Dr. Curtis at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research. To get started on your journey toward fuller, healthier hair, schedule a consultation at The Griffin Center. Or, for more dermatology information and skincare tips we well as our current special offer, follow DAA on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.