COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Quarantine Skincare Routine

In a very short amount of time, many of our lives and normal routines have been disrupted. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused many of us to practice social distancing or self-isolation. However, it is important that we continue to maintain a sense of normalcy. So, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta has assembled a small skincare routine that you can do at home that will help you to retain both routine and self-care.

sunscreen, COVID-19, skincare, moisturizer, dermatologyHydrate. It can be difficult to gauge your hydration levels when you are spending a significant amount of time indoors. Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient water and eating water-rich foods such as fruits or salad. This time of year, many of us are staying indoors because of self-isolation or rainy spring weather. Try using a humidifier. Adequate hydration will help your skin to remain plump and youthful.

Moisturize. According to CDC guidelines, you should be washing your hands often. The frequent stripping of moisture from handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can leave your hands dry and chafed. Moisturize your hands regularly with a soothing lotion, cream, or aloe in order to avoid discomfort and help re-moisturize.

Don’t touch your face. Touching your face can easily spread dirt, oil, and bacteria. This will not only stop the spread of disease; it will also help control acne.

Clean your makeup tools and brushes. Always wash your hands before washing your face or applying makeup. Regularly clean your brushes and applicators with antibacterial soap or an alcohol-based cleaner.

Give your skin a break. Now is the perfect time to give your skin a break from makeup and your usual routine. Take advantage of this time to pamper yourself. Perhaps try out a rejuvenating skin mask, exfoliant, or cream. Practice stress relief to keep your skin from inflammation or irritation.

Wear sunscreen. During quarantine, it is a good idea to spend some time outside. Fresh air and sunlight can help your mental and physical well-being. Be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and stay six feet away or more from other people when outside.

Call an expert. If you are experiencing severe skin issues, please feel free to contact our office. We committed to taking care of your skincare needs.

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