Flashback: DAA’s Kathryn Filipek, PA-C Talks Skin Care on TrustDale TV

There’s so much information on the web about skin care, from face mask recipes to skin cancer prevention tips, and the reality is that not everything you hear is true or even safe. So how do you know if you’re getting accurate information or a potentially dangerous myth? Dale Cardwell is a consumer advocate who has become well-known for his honest recommendations about a wide array of subjects, investigating professionals and products to see if they are what they claim to be. Back in 2013, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s own Kathryn Filipek, PA-C was a guest on Dale’s TV show to discuss some of the latest skin treatments, like Ultherapy® skin tightening, and proper skincare for both health and beauty.

Select shows and organizations like TrustDale can be helpful sources for getting honest assessments of products and professionals alike. And if there’s one area where accuracy and reliability are important, it’s your health, so ultimately, make sure to only get your medical information from licensed and experienced practitioners like Kathryn Filipek and our other board-certified physician assistants and dermatologists at DAA. For a more specific question about your skin, hair, or nails, schedule an appointment at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. Plus, for more skin care tips, health news, special offers, and more, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.