Your EMSculpt® Body Contouring Questions Answered

Your EMSculpt® Body Contouring Questions AnsweredNow that we are seeing more and more days with 90-degree weather, we have reached the season of shorts, sleeveless tops, and bathing suits. Now more than ever, we all want our bodies to look their best, but who has time to spend hours at the gym every day?

There is one cosmetic treatment that is answering this problem, even if you haven’t heard of it: EMSculpt® body contouring. The relatively new treatment is taking body contouring to a whole new level. To help you decide if it’s the right choice for your summer bod, our experts at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta are answering your top questions about the procedure.

How Is EMSculpt® Different from Other Body Contouring Treatments?

There are many body contouring procedures available today, such as CoolSculpting® and BodyFX™ which offer non-surgical fat reduction. There’s even Kybella®, an injectable treatment for fat reduction in the “double chin,” as well as traditional liposuction. EMSculpt®, though, is the first body contouring procedure to tone muscles in addition to reducing unwanted fat. Treatment areas vary among body contouring treatments too, and EMSculpt® is FDA-cleared to treat the abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

How Does EMSculpt® Muscle Toning Work?

The “EM” in EMSculpt®’s name comes from electromagnetics. During the session, an applicator will sit on your chosen treatment area and deliver precise electromagnetic energy to the area. This energy serves two purposes. First, it causes involuntary muscle contractions which, much like the voluntary contractions you make while working out, builds strong, more toned muscles.

At the same time, the electromagnetic energy is breaking down your fat cells in the area so your body can naturally remove them. This directly slims down your targeted areas without the need for surgery.

How Does EMSculpt® Compare to Exercise and Weight Loss?

It’s important to note that body contouring and weight loss are two different goals. Weight loss will reduce fat throughout your body rather than in one targeted area. EMSculpt® focuses more on body contouring: refining select areas of the body in a way that is more cosmetic than health-centered.

The muscle toning aspect of EMSculpt® is also different from strength training exercises. While exercise can target certain muscles to tone them, the types of muscle contractions that EMSculpt® produces will tone your muscles in ways that a workout cannot.

How Long Do EMSculpt® Treatments Take?

One of the reasons EMSculpt® is so popular is its ease on patients’ schedules. Each treatment takes just 30 minutes, and most patients see their ideal results after four treatments, spaced two to three days apart. In other words, you can complete a full treatment series in less than two weeks.

EMSculpt® is an exceptional way for anyone to fine-tune their body this summer and beyond, but it’s one of several options available at our dermatology office. To find out the best body contouring treatment for your needs, call Dermatology Associates of Atlanta to schedule your consultation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more helpful information about skin care and cosmetic treatments.