Erase Lines and Smooth Wrinkles at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

As we age our skin becomes more lax, and fine lines and wrinkles develop. Environmental factors such as smoking and sun damage can speed up the aging process. The board certified dermatologists of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta always encourage a skincare routine for patient’s to keep skin healthy and youthful. In addition to prevention with skin care products, wrinkle treatments can help you look as young as you feel.Girl looking at blank space - Close up portrait of a beautiful f

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta offers multiple wrinkle treatments to fit your unique skincare needs.  Cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and Dysport® can be beneficial for individuals interested in smoothing fine lines around the eyes and brow. Facial fillers including Juvéderm® and Restylane® can restore areas of facial volume loss. Many patients elect these cosmetic injectables as there is minimal downtime. It’s important to note these facial rejuvenation treatments are temporary and generally last between four to six months.

Laser treatments within the Laser Institute of Georgia can also provide effective results for wrinkle removal and correction. Popular treatments among our patients include the Fraxel® and DOT lasers. These laser treatments can safely treat more difficult wrinkles and age spots through tiny perforations that induce the body’s wound-healing response to create younger looking skin. Most patients will need to undergo multiple laser sessions for optimal results. As laser procedures provide deeper treatment, patients can expect swelling and redness for a couple days after treatment.

Other wrinkle treatments available at DAA include Exilis and Ultherapy® skin tightening. Exilis uses thermal energy to help decrease skin laxity and the appearance of wrinkles. This procedure is a great option for individuals who have sagging skin around the forehead, eyebrows and under the chin. Ulthera®, similar to Exilis in tightening loose skin, is unique as it uses ultrasound technology. Ultherapy® can address sagging eyebrows and neck skin without the downtime of traditional facial rejuvenation surgery.

During an in-office consultation our physicians will be able to recommend what wrinkle treatments would be best for your skincare goals. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment. For more dermatology news and information follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.