The Benefits of Combining CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt® for Body Contouring

DAA CoolSculpting + EMSculpt Before & After SEPTEMBER 2021Swimsuit season may be coming to a close, even in Atlanta, but for many people, the frustration with their physiques doesn’t go away. You may feel more secure in public while wearing clothes that are less revealing, but ultimately, you’d prefer to have a body contour that makes you feel confident no matter what you’re wearing.

You’re not alone, and that’s why non-surgical body contouring is such a popular choice all year round. There are several treatment options for body contouring, but our experts at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta are weighing in on one of the most successful choices: a combination of CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt®.

What Are CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt®?

CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt® are two non-surgical body contouring procedures. While both are designed to sculpt your physique in a non-invasive way, they have two different focuses.

CoolSculpting® focuses on fat reduction. During the procedure, the device applies precise cooling to the area of your body that you want to treat. Because fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other types of cells, the cold will “freeze” your fat cells to damage them. Your body naturally removes these damaged cells, reducing your fat in the treatment area by about 20%.

EMSculpt® body contouring, on the other hand, focuses on toning your muscles along with reducing unwanted fat. It does this through electromagnetic waves that pulse your muscles in a deeper way than exercise can provide. This tones and builds those muscles, and at the same time, the electromagnetic energy damages fat cells in the treatment area. The result is a combination of non-surgical fat reduction and targeted muscle toning.

Benefits of Combining CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt®

In the world of cosmetic treatments, every procedure has a specific purpose and design. That includes body contouring procedures: each one has its own method and its own strengths. The right combination of procedures, when discussed with your dermatology care provider, can add up to far more successful results. Consider these benefits of receiving both CoolSculpting® fat reduction and EMSculpt® for example:

  • Results That Complement Each Other

Removing unwanted fat can get you a long way toward your “dream physique,” but patients often see their results and realize that they don’t just want a certain area to be smaller; they want it to be shapelier too. That typically comes from toning your muscles in addition to reducing fat. When you choose CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt® from the beginning, you’ll end your treatment process with better results that are more comprehensive.

  • Refining One Treatment’s Results with Another

Our team at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta has extensive experience with both CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt®. In fact, we were among the first facilities in Atlanta to offer each of these procedures when they were released, so after performing thousands of treatments since this time, we have more experience with these treatments than nearly any other facility.

That expertise allows us to precisely optimize each patient’s treatment process. When you consult with your provider and choose a treatment plan that includes both CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt®, we’ll be able to customize each session in a way that best fits your overall goal.

  • In October 2021 Only, More Savings

Exclusively for the month of October 2021, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is offering 20% off CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt® non-surgical body contouring. You’ll save more if you purchase both procedures during this special, you’ll be able to save 20% on both.

If you’ve dealt with the frustration of stubborn unwanted fat or an area that just won’t develop the toned look you want despite a healthy diet and exercise regimen, body contouring treatments may be able to help. To learn more, schedule a consultation at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta today. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more cosmetic and skin care tips.