3 Ways to Enhance your EMSculpt® Results

Since it was first introduced at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, many of our patients have enjoyed the incredible results from their EMSculpt® Muscle Toning and Fat Reduction procedures. It has simplified body contouring because of its advanced technology that simultaneously burns fat and tones muscle. However, the results can be even further enhanced with a few simple steps.

fat reduction, nonsurgical procedures, muscle toning, body contouring, cosmetic body proceduresExercise before results

EMSculpt® Muscle Toning and Fat Reduction is not a complete substitute for weight loss or exercise. It’s designed to help create noticeable definition and tone areas of the midsection and buttocks that can tend to be exercise-resistant. However, exercising in between EMSculpt® treatment sessions will only accentuate and highlight the results.

Your BMI doesn’t have to be “perfect” to make you a great candidate for this procedure. Patients of all different body types can achieve great cosmetic outcomes after just a few treatment sessions. No matter your abdominal or buttocks shape, EMSculpt® can tighten and shape features to make you feel more confident in your physique.

Complete the recommended amount of treatment sessions

One of the most important factors in the success of the EMSculpt® Muscle Toning and Fat Reduction procedure is the amount of treatment sessions that are performed. It’s recommended that patients complete four 30-minute sessions over a two week period of time. Not undergoing four treatments can cause results to fall short of their full potential. Additional treatments beyond four may improve the final result.

The time in between treatments is important for safely preparing the body to be more receptive to physical changes. Fortunately, the body contouring process doesn’t require downtime, so it’s not very difficult to fit into a busy schedule. The results will typically show within a matter of weeks.

Maintaining cosmetic results

Even though EMSculpt® is a premier nonsurgical method for toning, slimming or shaping specific areas of the body, it still requires maintenance to ensure that results are long-lasting. It’s recommended that patients have a treatment session every 6 months, so the cosmetic results are fully maintained. Because the process is nonsurgical and quickly performed in-office, it’s not difficult to receive routine procedures.

Our providers want each patient to feel confident with their body-contouring results. If you have any questions about EMSculpt® Muscle Toning or Fat Reduction, contact our office at (404) 256-4457. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information about our many different dermatology procedures and monthly cosmetic specials.