Hemangiomas and Skin Treatment for Infants

Infants can sometimes develop hemangiomas more commonly known as red spots. They often look similar to a birthmark and usually do not cause pain or harm.  Approximately one in 10 to 20 Caucasian children are affected by hemangiomas.  Although the exact cause is still unknown, they are likely caused by embolized cells that lie dormant during intrauterine life and begin to proliferate after birth to form the spots.

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Most red spots on infants occur on the head or neck area; however, they can appear anywhere on the body. Although hemangiomas typically disappear over time, they can occasionally become fast-growing which causes concern for parents.   Usually red spots appear on the body as a superficial lesion or on top of skin. However, if a lesion is deeper or expands rapidly, a plaque-like tumor can appear which may need surgical removal.  Other treatments available for removing red spots that do not fade over time include laser treatment, prescription medications, and cryotherapy.

The board certified dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta are highly skilled and experienced in removing and treating this skin condition. During a skin analysis consultation, our dermatologists can determine what treatment would provide the most effective results for the patient.  Discoloration of the skin and other common skin conditions affecting infants such as hyperpigmentation can also be treated by our providers.

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