Why Should I Go to a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment?

Instead of trying solution after solution only to find your acne worse, seeking the guidance of a dermatologist can make a big difference in getting your acne under control. When we turn on the TV or flip through a magazine, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements guaranteeing crystal clear skin with perfectly toned, oil-free faces smiling back at us. Possibly due to these infinite promises, Americans spend millions of dollars each year testing non-prescription acne treatments for themselves and their teenagers, ultimately wasting time and money in an endless game of trial and error. Dermatology Associates of Atlanta one of our providers can offer you a customized regimen to address your personal skin type and precise acne concerns whether you’re suffering from hormonal or bacterial acne.

whats really irritating your skinProducts filled with fragrance and ineffective fillers have little chance of being successful for long periods of time, resulting in a mass amount of wasted product when buying acne treatments products without the advice of a dermatologist. As a general rule, remember that a product’s cost does not necessarily equate to how effective it will be. Instead of reading the labels for promises such as “shrinks pores” and “clears skin completely,” we encourage reading for active ingredients that combat acne. Depending on the strength of treatments needed, other acne-fighting ingredients may be prescribed by your dermatologist in combination with another or purchased over the counter including salicylic acid, which slows the shedding of cells inside of the hair follicles to prevent pore clogging, and alpha-hydroxy acid, which reduces the appearance of acne scars by stimulating growth of new, smoother skin.

Getting to the root of the cause of your acne as determined by your dermatologist will aid in finding the most effective products for you. In addition to these options, after an acne consultation with one of our providers, you may be prescribed a topical medication, which may be recommended in conjunction with an in-house treatment such as Isolaz or Smoothbeam. In fact, combination treatment regimens have become increasingly popular. For example, we may evaluate your skin and prescribe a fragrance-free cleanser, retinoid, topical antimicrobial, or a custom prescription topical compound to a patient with an oral antibiotic to fight bacteria. Creating a routine that combats acne from all sides is vital in getting your acne under control. Severe cases may require stronger oral prescription medications such as Accutane.

There may be more than just monetary consequences when those suffering from acne do not see a licensed skin care professional who specializes in dermatology. In fact, trying out many different products can irritate skin further, causing more breakouts than originally present. Talking to one of our dermatologists or physicians assistants about your problems can help you end acne once and for all, while using quality, effective products that work best for you. To make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, please contact us. Be sure to connect with us on  FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Google+ for the latest skin care recommendations.