Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Acne Treatment

acneAcne is an incredibly common condition that affects most of us at some point in our lives. For some, it’s a mild case that has little effect on them and their life. For others, though, it’s a persistent and pervasive problem that causes physical, cosmetic, and emotional discomfort. No matter how mild or severe your acne is, DIY acne care isn’t the way to go.

While there are many skin care products available today for acne, there are risks involved in trying to find products and treat acne on your own rather than seeing a dermatologist. Our skin care experts at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, including our board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants, are explaining several reasons why you should consult a professional for your acne treatment.

Not All Acne Cases Are the Same

Most people assume acne is caused by excessive oils on your skin, but it isn’t quite that simple. In fact, there are many factors that can cause and contribute to acne, like hormones, bacteria, and so on. If you try to treat your acne on your own with over-the-counter products, you may not be treating the real cause of your acne, so your treatments are likely to be ineffective.

Your Skin Needs to Stay Safe

Acne-focused skin care products are very common, and many people assume that if a product is sold over the counter, that means it’s safe for everyone to use. That isn’t the case. Some acne products can be harsh on your skin, or they may even be manufactured in an unsafe way.

If you see a dermatologist or physician assistant for your acne, on the other hand, we have in-depth knowledge of which products are safe and are least likely to irritate your skin while also being effective for your acne.

There are Treatments You Can’t Access

While there are many over-the-counter options for treating acne, there are some treatments and medications that are only available from qualified medical professionals. This can include prescription medications, topical prescription compounds, light therapy, and more.

These treatments are typically ideal for very specific circumstances and cases, but if you are a candidate for them, you may be spinning your wheels by trying one over-the-counter acne product after another without seeing a dermatologist or physician assistant.

You May Be Increasing Your Risk for Scarring

Acne is a stressful and frustrating problem on its own, but for many of our patients, it’s even worse to find that their acne has caused long-lasting acne scars. The scarring is the result of inflammation from your acne and, in some cases, using overly harsh medicine on your skin, squeezing, and picking.

Understandably, the longer it takes to get your acne under control, the more likely you are to have scarring because your skin has faced more acne. If you go to a board-certified dermatologist or physician assistant, we have the expertise and resources to get your acne under control more quickly so you have a lower risk for scarring in the future.

At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, our skin care experts help patients to manage their acne and other skin conditions on a daily basis, and we can do the same for you. Call Dermatology Associates of Atlanta to schedule your appointment today. Follow us as well on Facebook and Instagram for more skin health tips.