Ways to Make Your Unsightly Veins Disappear Before Summer

Suffering from the blue, red and purple webs of varicose or spider veins is not exactly the kind of seasonal fun we like to deal with. The frustration that accompanies their lack of response to at-home removal methods and constant cover up can become a strain on your day to day life. Thankfully, while burdensome, they are rarely a serious health risk and often become more of a cosmetic concern.  Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA) offers various spider and varicose vein treatments at our advanced Atlanta Center for Veins.

DAA stock photo 3 (Medium)While the true reason for the appearance of troublesome facial and legs veins remains a mystery, heredity, hormonal changes, sun exposure, and injuries are all considered probable causes.  DAA’s Atlanta Center for Veins uses a variety of effective vein removal techniques to eliminate spider and varicose veins, including sclerotherapy, Veinwave™ for vein elimination, laser vein removal, and FotoFacial RF®, which uses intense pulsed light (IPL).

According to recent statistics from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons, vein treatment/sclerotherapy rose 53% in popularity over the last year alone. During sclerotherapy, a “sclerosing agent” is injected into the vein, diminishing the appearance of the vessel(s).Once the extent of your to-be-removed veins is determined during a consultation, a treatment plan will be devised from our experienced provider and vein removal specialist, Kathryn Filipek MPAS, PA-C .Patients usually need one to five sclerotherapy treatments before complete vein removal can be achieved.

If spider veins are your central target, you may benefit from our Veinwave™ vein elimination treatment. Veinwave™ is an FDA-approved technology for vein elimination that utilizes heat and ultra-fine needles for a minimally-invasive treatment that only penetrates the top layers of skin. While patients typically see instant results, those with more significant veins may require two sessions with our vein removal specialist for complete removal. In specific cases, pulsed dye lasers (PDL) are used for persistent red areas, while GentleYAG can be used for persistent blue areas of the skin.

In addition to removing age spots, birthmarks, and tattoos, lasers can be used to remove spider and varicose veins. Our GentleLase laser technologies and FotoFacial® IPL treatment can address unwanted veins. Our laser technicians and providers will choose the best laser technology to effectively shrink unwanted veins on the face, neck, hands, and legs without causing any harm to contiguous skin. For varicose veins, laser light is emitted through a tube inserted into the targeted vessel that progressively makes the vein disappear.  Most laser vein removal patients see results in one to five treatments.

Even though these conditions have become very common, many people are unaware of the variety of vein treatment options available today. To learn more about our treatments, please contact us for an appointment today. Don’t forget to connect with DAA on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for the latest news about caring for your skin in the best way possible.