Skin Condition of the Month: Causes & Treatments for Skin Discoloration

female-checks-face-in-mirrorWelcome back to the latest entry in our Skin Condition of the Month series for August. With the summer mostly behind us, and many of us having enjoyed time in the sun over the last few months, we thought it would be appropriate to spotlight skin discoloration this month. Skin discoloration is a broad term that can refer to any change in your skin that differs from your natural skin tone. Skin discoloration is not always a cause for concern, but it is something that many people don’t always understand. That’s why our board-certified dermatology providers wanted to get more in-depth on the subject.

Potential Causes of Skin Discoloration:

In some cases, a skin discoloration can include something harmless like a birthmark. However, it can also be a sign of an autoimmune disease, pigmentation issues like melasma, age spots from too much time in the sun, or even potentially serious issues like skin cancer.

Treatment Options for Skin Discoloration:

Not all skin discolorations can be treated, however, many of them can. The first step in treating skin discoloration is detecting the specific cause of the issue. This is done by examining areas of skin discoloration and having a discussion about any changes you’ve noticed, as well as if you’re experiencing any other symptoms. In some cases, additional testing including blood work or a skin biopsy may be performed to determine the cause of skin discoloration.

Once a diagnosis has been made, we have had success with the following skin discoloration treatments:

  • Cosmetic laser treatments for brown spots and redness
  • Chemical peels for pigmentation issues
  • Prescription medications including topical creams

Getting Expert Care at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta:

It’s very important to keep tabs on any new discolorations or growths on your skin and bring them up during all appointments in our office. The sooner that a skin issue is properly diagnosed, the more effectively it can be treated. If you have any concerns about skin discoloration or any other issues related to your skin, contact Dermatology Associates of Atlanta to schedule an appointment. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more skin care tips, practice updates, and much more.