Dermatology Associates of Atlanta: Prioritizing Convenience for Our Patients

doctor-consultationBeing there for our dermatology patients means everything to us here at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. And that extends far beyond just providing outstanding clinical and cosmetic dermatology services. It’s important to us that our patients feel that their experience with us was as smooth and convenient as possible. We do this in different ways, including housing a wide variety of specialty centers and keeping our office hours as flexible as possible in order to best accommodate our patients.

About Our Specialty Centers

We are a comprehensive dermatology practice, featuring nine specialty centers within one location, all dedicated to treating a vast array of dermatological, skin care, and aesthetic conditions. Our specialty centers work together seamlessly to ensure that each patient has access to the most helpful, safe, and effective care and treatment plan for their specific needs. Our specialty centers include:

  • Laser Institute of Georgia
  • SkinMedics™ Medical Spa
  • Hair Removal Center
  • The Center for Non-Surgical Hair Loss
  • The Center for Women’s Hair Loss
  • Psoriasis Treatment Center
  • Eczema Treatment Center
  • The Surgical Suite

We Are Open Early & Available By Phone (Talk & Text)

Another way we try to bring convenience to our patients is by keeping our doors and phone lines open as much of the day as possible. That means early mornings, lunchtime appointments, select Saturday appointments and more. We begin answering calls (and texts from patients) at 6:30am on Monday-Friday, and continue until 4pm (12pm on Fridays). And unlike many other practices, we keep our phones on during lunch in order to be there for our patients should the need arise.

We pride ourselves, not just on our ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of dermatological conditions, but doing so in a way that our patients will always feel good about. For more on our services, contact Dermatology Associates of Atlanta to schedule a dermatology appointment today. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more skin care tips and practice updates.