Atlanta dermatologists now offer miraDry®, a non-invasive treatment for disruptive underarm sweating

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta First to Offer miraDry® For Non-Surgical Sweat Reduction

ATLANTA, GA, July 26th, 2012 –Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is the first in the Atlanta area and all of Georgia to offer the FDA approved miraDry® system for underarm sweating. Using an electromagnetic thermolysis system, miraDry, focuses thermal energy to destroy sweat glands in adults 18 and over. Unlike other sweating treatments such as Botox® injections or invasive surgical procedures, this technology is safe and effective for sweat reduction.

Appropriate for those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or those looking to eliminate embarrassing clothes staining and body odor, the miraDry® technology selectively targets sweat glands under the arm. Since sweat glands cannot regenerate, treatment produces long lasting results. The August 2012 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, featured miraDry® as a promisingly effective solution for excessive underarm sweat.

The technology uses a cooling system to prevent the skin’s surface from burning and help maximize patient comfort. The device also carries the added benefit of eliminating underarm hair during the treatment.  The miraDry® procedure is performed over two, hour long in-office treatments under local anesthesia, with a three month period between treatments. This procedure is non-invasive requiring little recovery time. Most patients are able to return back to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Numerous studies have shown high rates of patient satisfaction through a single office visit. Dr. Ashley R. Curtis, of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, is aware of other treatments available to prevent excess sweating, but is enthusiastic about the safety and effectiveness of this new treatment. She has experience with the aforementioned surgical technique and also Botox®, but finds this new treatment very appealing for patients who want a non-surgical option.  She notes the high success rate and fast return to daily activities as most important to his patients.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta miraDry® provider Mara Grosswald, PA-C also shared, “This procedure is ideal for both men and women struggling with the physical and societal implications of underarm sweating.  It’s a safe treatment because your skin has numerous locations from which sweat can be emitted for cooling.  It’s a straightforward, efficient answer to make underarm sweating a thing of the past.”

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta will offer the miraDry® procedure at their 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE office.  To learn more about this fast, effective, and comfortable procedure please call (404) 256-4457 to schedule a consultation.


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