Anti-Aging Product Carried By Dermatology Associates of Atlanta Featured on Popular TV Show ‘The Doctors’

A recent episode of the popular medical TV show “The Doctors” featured interesting and effective anti-aging products. One such product was TNS Essential Serum – a Skin Medica™ product carried in the offices of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. The product was of particular interest to the show, not only because of the fantastic results it produces (as evidenced by the before and after pictures that received audible ‘wows’ from the audience) but also because it was derived from a very interesting source: human foreskin.

Aware of the youthful skin cells found in foreskin, one dermatologist thought to isolate these cells and proteins and grow them in a lab to produce an anti-aging substance with over 100 growth factors called “TNS.” While the TNS serum itself does not contain any foreskin – it does carry its properties; meaning a regular application of the serum will promote youthfulness in skin. The serum works by stimulating collagen and promoting skin cell growth – reversing the signs of aging, diminishing wrinkles, and resulting in an overall more youthful look. In fact, ‘The Doctors’ loved the product so much that they gave away the serum to the entire studio audience!

If you are interested in purchasing the TNS Essential Serum or any of the other products available at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, contact DAA today.