DAA’s Laser Institute of Georgia

laser institute of georgiaIf you thought Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s eight on-site specialty centers were extensive, then you will definitely consider the sixteen different lasers at the Laser Institute of Georgia amazing. We, however, see it as a way to provide Atlantans with the best skin care head to toe. Lasers can treat a variety of skin conditions, and our physicians have over twenty years of experience working with this skin care technology.

If you’re wondering why sixteen lasers are necessary, allow us to explain:  just like no two human beings are identical, all lasers are slightly different. Although settings can be adjusted on most lasers, certain lasers treat specific conditions and skin types better. Lasers are attracted to pigment, the darker the pigment, the more effective the laser treatment. Take laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal for an example. We probably wouldn’t have much luck trying to remove hair with a tattoo removal laser (or setting). More