Dermatology Associates of Atlanta offer State-of-the-Art Technology in Vein Removal

It used to be the case that if you were unhappy with unattractive spider and varicose veins, you had to undergo painful vein stripping or ligation to remove them. This procedure was rarely “worth it” – because it required general anesthesia, could keep you in the hospital for recovery from one to three weeks, and had a 30 percent chance of nerve paralysis in the targeted area.

But thanks to advancements in technology there are much more effective and less invasive solutions to unsightly veins. One such treatment offered at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a “sclerosing agent” into the targeted vein, causing the vein to shrink in size and appearance. Even though sclerotherapy may require up to four treatments, it is performed in-office, under local anesthesia – resulting in minimal downtime.

Another method of vein removal offered by Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s Atlanta Center for Veins, is laser vein removal treatment. For spider veins, light energy is used to target unsightly veins. As the area absorbs the light, it causes the targeted vein to shrink, without harming the surrounding tissue. For deeper varicose veins, a tube is inserted to emit laser light which is directed to the target vein – causing it to collapse and redirect blood flow to healthier surrounding veins. Both treatments require no downtime and minimal pain/discomfort.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta also has a state-of-the-art inferred light machine called the “Vein Viewer” that allows internal imaging of veins, no matter what skin type or color. This technology allows vein removal specialists to see veins even below the surface of the skin for safe and targeted vein treatment.  To schedule a consultation for vein removal treatments, contact DAA’s vein specialist at (404) 256-4457, ext. 481.