Specialty Center of the Month: Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss

At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), we believe that not only is it possible to offer both specialization and variety within the same practice, but that it allows us to give our patients the best and most comprehensive care available. We achieve this through our nine unique specialty centers, each with medical staff who are focused on a targeted set of dermatologic or cosmetic issues, but because all these centers are under one roof at DAA, your convenience and comfort aren’t compromised. To give you a better understanding of our specialty centers and what they have to offer, we’re highlighting one center each month in our blog, and this month we’re featuring our newest addition, The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss.

Specialty Center of the Month Griffin Center for Women’s Hair LossWhat is The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss?

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Edmond Griffin has been serving the Atlanta area as one of the most skilled and experienced hair restoration experts. However, he recognized that women with hair loss tend to require different types of care than men, so in 2015, Dr. Griffin and Dr. Ashley Curtis opened Georgia’s first facility dedicated exclusively to women’s hair loss. Because women are more likely than men are to have underlying factors (besides genetic hair thinning) involved in their symptoms, this specialty center places a large emphasis on thorough customized diagnostic testing and on non-surgical hair restoration methods (although hair transplant surgery may be a part of some patients’ treatment plans), offering each patient a better understanding of her condition and a variety of recommended treatment options.

What treatments do you offer at The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss?

While Dr. Griffin and Dr. Curtis are both skilled hair transplant surgeons, there are also minimally invasive and non-invasive hair restoration methods, and these are the primary focus of The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss. One option is red light therapy, in which precise light is used to stimulate the hair follicles, and we offer this in a variety of forms such as LaserCap® and iGrow®. Another common treatment is topical medication. Rogaine® may be the most well-known, but we also create customized prescription compounds, AQ Hair Complex, and other topical hair loss treatments. For other patients, oral medications like Propecia® may be the best choice. However, in many cases, the most effective option is a combination of various therapies, sometimes including surgery, which Dr. Griffin and Dr. Curtis can recommend based on each patient’s diagnostic results.

Hair loss alone can be a stressful situation, and it’s made even worse after months of trying products off the shelf and seeing no results. That’s why we began The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss – to allow female hair restoration patients to cut to the chase, find out the causes behind their hair loss, and get started with treatments that will have a higher potential for success. To schedule your consultation, contact The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss. Or, for more information about DAA and the many cosmetic and dermatologic services we provide, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.