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The Medical Quarters
5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. NE, Suite 190
Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: (404) 256-4457 Toll-Free: (800) 233-0706
Administrative Office hours:  Mon. -Thurs. at 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
Fri. at 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM  
Doctors’ hours will differ from Administrative Office hours, please call for Doctors’ hours.
The Medical Quarters
5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. NE, Suite 190
Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: (404) 256-4457 Toll-Free: (800) 233-0706

What’s New?

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Cartessa™ Tetra Cool CO2 Laser

Cartessa™ Tetra is the first CO2-based laser treatment to utilize advanced CoolPeel® technology. The treatment is able to safely deliver a precise, fully-ablative treatment to improve skin tone and texture in areas all over the body including the face, arms, abdomen, chest, and back. Cartessa™ Tetra is safe for all skin types and requires less downtime for recovery than most other CO2 laser technologies.

Emerging Medical Technologies and Skin Care Advancements

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s Physicians and Providers have over 150 years of collective dermatological experience in providing skin care from head to toe. As leaders in their respective fields, Dr. Edmond Griffin (DAA’s founder), Dr. Scott Karempelis, Dr. Joseph Payne, Dr. Ashley Curtis and their other providers (PA’s Mara Grosswald, Danna Dennis Calder, and Delmer Henderson) continue to adopt and refine the latest technologies to ensure their patients the most effective skin and hair treatments possible.

AnteAGE MD® Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a progressive condition, so treating hair loss must be an ongoing process as well. AnteAGE MD® is one of the most advanced ways to continuously support and enhance your hair growth. Our skilled providers perform in-office microneedling treatments using AnteAGE MD®’s specialized growth factor serum. This procedure improves the health of your hair follicles to reduce hair loss and re-activate dormant hair follicles. For further improvement, we also offer a line of at-home AnteAGE MD® products to maintain your hair restoration and minimize future hair loss.

Microneedling with SR8 Skin Rejuvenation

While microneedling stimulates your body’s healing process in a way that increases your skin-firming collagen and reduces signs of aging, this treatment can be even more effective when paired with the right topical products. The SR8 Skin Rejuvenation Booster is a particularly specialized age-defying serum that can help you make the most of your treatments. When administered by our experienced providers as part of your microneedling session, SR8’s unique combination of growth factors, peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, and specialized enzymes enhances your collagen growth for a notably more youthful look.

PRX-T 33 BioRevitalization Treatment 

PRX-T 33 BioRevitalization, also commonly known as the PRX peel, is an advanced topical peel that tightens the skin with no peeling. It works to improve skin hydration, minimize the appearance of acne scars and pores, lift sagging skin and brighten dull skin by stimulating deep skin layers in order to create new collagen and elastin. The new PRX peel promotes stimulation of fibroblasts and growth factors without causing inflammation or damage to the skin. Because of this, the PRX peel is the perfect solution for those who want traditional skin tightening results, but do not want the hassle of ongoing peeling, a lengthy recovery or treatment time.

For the best results, we highly recommend four weekly treatment sessions, but individual treatment sessions can also be performed if desired. After four sessions, results last 6 to 12 months.

GLO Rejuvenation Treatment With Microneedling

GLO Rejuvenation Treatment is a topical serum administered through microneedling that aims to correct physical damage in the DNA caused by exposure to UV light and radiation. This treatment contains rejuvenating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, growth factors, DNA repair enzymes, peptides and amino acids, which work to give the skin a more youthful look and repair damage to the face, neck, backs of hands and décolletage. This procedure is performed in conjunction with microneedling and consists of four separate sessions.

Regenerative Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, we are now offering a promising new treatment called XoGlo® by Kimera Labs which is a non-surgical hair loss treatment for both men and women. Administered by microneedling, this treatment helps regenerate and regrow hair by using regenerative cell therapy technology to deliver over a thousand growth factor proteins to the scalp per treatment. This non-surgical procedure has very little discomfort with little to no expected downtime. Regenerative Cell Therapy for Hair Loss is performed in-office and consists of three separate treatments that are spaced out four weeks apart from each other. For enhanced results, we recommend combining this treatment with red light treatment and other topical treatments.

Regenerative Cell Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation

Additionally, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is offering this same promising Regenerative Cell Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation. In a similar fashion, this treatment is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes growth factors to stimulate skin cells and rejuvenate facial tissue. This procedure has little to no downtime and is performed in-office with microneedling technology. The procedure consists of three separate treatments that are spaced out four weeks apart from each other.

Plasma Pen

This electrostatic stimulation pen restores collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through tiny impulses which deposit growth factors into the skin to promote the production of new skin cells, collagen, and elastin.

NeoStrata® ProSystem Retinol Peel

This innovative peel from NeoStrata® embraces one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients available: retinol. It’s a great way to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dull or uneven complexion, acne scars, and many other cosmetic concerns. The peel is applied in-office by our experienced staff and it remains on the skin until you choose to wash it off at home. Depending on your desired results, you can leave the peel on your skin for as little as eight hours or as long as overnight.

Biopelle® Skincare Products

As a cutting-edge and well-regarded skin care brand, Biopelle® is only available in select healthcare providers’ offices, and Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is now proud to carry several of their products. As the only in-office skincare brand that uses the uniquely rejuvenating products of a specific snail species, Biopelle® provides exceptional anti-aging results. Yes, we know it sounds a little out of the ordinary, but these snails are known worldwide for their rejuvenating effect on the skin. Whether you want to enhance the results of your laser skin treatments or other procedures or you’re just hoping to step up your daily skincare routine, ask your provider at DAA whether you can benefit from any of the new Biopelle® products we offer. While availability is subject to change we currently carry the following Biopelle® products:

  • Tensage® Intensive Serum 40
  • Tensage® Intensive Serum 50
  • Tensage® Advanced Cream Moisturizer

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing may be a common cosmetic practice for adults and kids alike, but it should be considered a true medical procedure. To offer you a professionally done piercing with peace of mind, we provide ear piercing services at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. When it’s done in a non-sterile environment, with low-quality or poorly maintained equipment, or by someone who isn’t properly trained and experienced, piercing does have the potential for serious complications. In our medically sterile yet comfortable office setting, we offer safe and skillful ear piercing by our board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants.

Scar Camouflaging with Scalp Micropigmentation at The Center of Hair Restoration and Research

At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, we see patients every day who want to reduce the appearance of scars. However, scars in the scalp can be particularly noticeable because there are no hair follicles in scar tissue, so it becomes very clear when there is a line or area in the scalp with no hair growth and no “stubble.” For this reason, our talented staff at The Center of Hair Restoration and Research now offers scar camouflaging for the scalp with a process called micropigmentation. As an extremely precise tattoo-like process, micropigmentation involves using a customized blend of pigments to make a light-colored scar blend in with the color of your natural skin. In the scalp, this same process is used to actually re-create the appearance of “stubble” with tiny dots that look like hair follicles. Whether the scar is from a past surgery or an injury, or you just want to disguise an area of mildly thinning hair, our micropigmentation procedure makes it dramatically less noticeable.

Microneedling & Growth Factors for Hair Growth

As many minimally invasive methods as there are for hair restoration, including natural growth factors and in-office surgery, many of our hair loss patients (especially those in the earlier stages) aren’t quite ready for even these types of procedure. To fill the need for those patients to have fuller, thicker hair, new nonsurgical treatments are constantly being developed, and one of our latest successful options is microneedling with growth factors. The microneedling uses ultrafine needles to activate the healing process throughout your scalp. This enhances the health of your hair follicles in order to fight back against hair loss and, for some patients, even lead to stronger hair growth. To maximize the effect, we’re proud to use our customized blend of growth factors during this innovative procedure. When the microneedling allows these specially formulated growth factors to reach the deeper layers of the skin, it further reduces hair loss and enhances hair growth without the blood draw process that is required for the other common supplement to microneedling: your own natural growth factors. Ultimately, this combination of customized growth factors and microneedlng adds up to achieve successful results with a rather quick and minimally invasive procedure, typically only lasting 30 minutes for each of the 4-6 sessions necessary.
Results of all cosmetic and medical procedures vary from patient to patient.

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ for Wrinkles

We’re no strangers to facial rejuvenation at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, and we strive to consistently offer the latest and most advanced treatments for our patients. One of the latest additions we have been trialing for some time is AQUAGOLD® fine touch™. This unique procedure allows our experienced, board-certified providers to create a customized solution for your unique skin and deliver it directly to the top layers of the skin to treat fine lines and large pores. It uses a set of low-irritation gold-covered microneedles, which create narrow channels that allow the customized solution to reach the precise depth in your skin. The very comfortable procedure is brief, requires no recovery time, and is very comfortable and safe for the patient. By combining successful products like Botox®, facial fillers, and even your own natural growth factors, this treatment can be the perfect supplement to other procedures like Infini™ skin tightening or fractional laser resurfacing, or it can be used on its own to achieve a light and natural-looking improvement.

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